If I ever need motivation to clean my house, I just watch Hoarders. I start sympathy wheezing from all the mold and dirt they have in their houses. 

I had to de-ice my car this morning *whines more*

I really don’t want to hear this. It seems that whatever weather system hits you, hits us the next day. I’m assuming you’re somewhere in the Midwest because of this.

Haha, yup. I’m in Missouri.

It’s motherfucking snowing. SNOWING.

This is the view above me from the couch today. We may stay here all day.

This is not something that my brain is willing to accept.

My dad and his girlfriend headed home today. They’ll be back up in early May. Despite the circumstances, it was really good to see both of them. It’s been almost a year since I last saw my dad mostly due to his travel schedule for work. Growing up, we were never very close but we grew closer when I was in college. I find that as I grow older, I enjoy his company more and more. The time I spent with him was a bright spot in an emotionally exhaustive weekend. 

I just a took a full three hour nap. If you knew me, you’d know how incredibly rare that is. I can’t even remember the last time that I actually took a nap during the day. Your body has all kinds of ways to tell you that you need to rest and slow the fuck down. I think mine just did.

I was mistaken. My aunt contacted me a few minutes ago and told me that Grandma passed away around 3:30 this morning. My dad’s flight doesn’t leave until this evening and no one has been able to get in contact with him. More than anything, I hurt for him because he so much wanted to be there for her. Thanks, again, for all of your kind words. 

Oop, I’m going to momentarily interrupt my crankiness this morning to thank all of you for your kind words and well wishes. At this moment, she’s still hanging on. 

I have officially reached the point of tiredness where not only do other people annoy the fuck out of me, I’m also annoying the fuck out of myself.

My grandmother on my father’s side became ill last week. She was diagnosed with diverticulitis and a UTI. She was inpatient for two days then discharged to a rehab facility until they felt it was safe to send her home. She never actually made it home.

Yesterday she was readmitted from the rehab facility with pneumonia and, later, congestive heart failure. They don’t expect her to survive the night tonight. I spent a few hours at the hospital this afternoon with her and family members that I, generally, only see when there’s a wedding or a funeral. My dad is in Honolulu, Hawaii for work and has been trying desperately to get a flight home with no success.

Nothing makes time move more slowly than sitting around and waiting for someone to die. And it’s a guessing game as to when she will actually pass. I’m a bit numb at this point. The lack of sleep from the last few nights coupled with the emotional exhaustion is making it impossible to process what’s happening.

There is not enough caffeine in the world to help me wake up this morning after two nights of practically no sleep. I’m about done with this week. Can someone send me a pillow to work, please?

I am a small dog. I can totally fit on the back of the couch.